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When we receive positive, honest feedback, we want to bottle it because it’s priceless.  We work hard to please our clients and when their feedback reflects our efforts, we truly buzz.  Below is just some of the nice things people have said.

Chris Bilkey

President & CEO
Pfizer ANZ

Con Pappas partnered with us over a period of two years, from Pharmacia & Upjohn’s merger with Searle Pharmaceuticals through to the post-integration with Pfizer.  He led organisational initiatives beginning with a post M&A diagnostic, assessing strengths, development areas and subsequent critical priorities for the business. Con then worked with us to reframe structures, assess and develop our leadership talent pool and drive growth initiatives for our critical products.

What differentiated Con from his peers is his ability to build authentic relationships and trust with his clients, across all levels and business functions.  He not only facilitated the development of solutions, but more critically, partnered with us in bringing those solutions to life.  Con has a personal and pragmatic approach to leadership, change and organisational development. His expertise is not limited to conventional processes, and he showed himself very capable of delivering innovative solutions to complex organisational and relationship challenges.

Michael Eriksson

McKinsey & Company

Con’s passion for helping people, combined with the skills and experience he has acquired over the years make him a truly inspiring leader and an outstanding coach.

Having met Con during one our Firm leadership training courses, I was struck by his authentic personality, his empathy, and ability to guide others towards their strengths and rapidly build a roadmap for individual growth. Through my time with Con, I gained much knowledge and insights about myself. Insights that have helped propel me in both my professional and personal endeavours.

Con is an expert in his field and can be set aside from others by his professional approach and willingness to go out of his way to ensure his clients’ success. I am extremely privileged to have met Con and look forward to the opportunity of working with him again.

Charles-Henry Choel


Witnessing the evolution of the two executive groups was amazing, they started with lack of confidence and knowledge of how to present to C-level executives. With Con’s coaching skills I witnessed a constant progression and on D Day they made an impact with their presentation both in style and content. They became better leaders and their projects are being funded, what more can you ask for.

Mark Kizilos PhD

Experience-Based Development Associates, LLC

Con is an outstanding talent leader who brings a great mix of functional expertise and business perspective to his work. He also has an approachable style that enables him to build effective relationships quickly. Once you engage with him, the depth of his experience and his insight quickly become apparent. He was a great partner to me when I was leading the talent centre of excellence at Thomson Reuters!

Dr Liz Barrett

Chief Human Resources Officer
London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

Con is quite simply the best organisational development and talent professional I’ve worked with in over 20 years of HR. He combines a deep technical knowledge of these expertise areas with charismatic delivery, but his most impressive capability is his ability to partner with a wide range of business clients, building huge buy in and trust. I am most happy to recommend Con to anyone wishing to build or enhance organisational capability through performance, talent, learning and development or OD within their organisation.

Chris Hunt

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Asia Pacific, Thomson Reuters

I had the pleasure of working with Con over a number of years, at a time of significant organisational change within Thomson Reuters. He has a unique skillset, combining deep functional expertise with a well developed commercial ability and brilliant management capabilities. His ability to work with and relate to people from a wide range of geographies and cultures sets him apart. His energy and can do attitude is infectious and outside work, he is the simply one of the most engaging and entertaining people I have worked with.

Peter Parragh

McKinsey & Company

Con is the best coach I have ever met! His amazingly insightful, unbiased question and genuinely kind and caring personality allowed me to get out much more from the joint work than I expected! I experienced him through 1-on-1 sessions, small group breakouts and lectures (w. 30+ people) and he proved to have a strong presence with all the above mentioned formats. I highly recommend working with Con for companies and individuals as well.

Professor Samuel B Bacharach

McKelvey-Grant Professor
Cornell University

Con’s experience exceeds that of many of my colleagues. He understands the conceptual, practical, and political nature of leadership and management. His broad appreciation of strategic management and his detailed understanding of specific HR issues make him truly unique among practitioners. Unlike many readings and research, and his reaction has always been one of enthusiasm and positive reinforcement. practitioners I’ve worked with, he has a deep appreciation of what Argyis refers to as “theories in use.” He is a conceptual thinker who in the world of practice balances analysis with application. I’ve had long discussions with him regarding relevant

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