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Power of Curiosity

One of the reasons why young children are willing to take risks and be more creative and resilient before they turn into us is that they look to the world ...through a curious and open mind. (Rawding, S., 2018). We can relearn this as adults.

Curiosity and Resilience
• A curious mind juxtaposes a judgemental and closed mind
• It is about courageously being open to discover what we don’t that we don’t know, seeking out new experiences, knowledge and feedback while remaining open to change
• Although we work with clients on inclusivity and diversity, it is curiosity precedes that precedes this and generates an environment of psychological safety for others

The Benefits
1. Healthier Relationships – supports healthy conflict through open discussion, and the understanding of deeper values, needs and fears of others
2. Constant Personal Development versus Expertise - our knowledge can become obsolete quickly. Curiosity ensures we are fully present, remaining consciously aware of our environment and reduce the risk of becoming unconsciously competent, which, by the way is when accidents happen!
3. Innovation Through Unorthodox Thinking. By unlearning, challenging ourselves and our biases, and simply asking more questions of people we normally wouldn’t, we look at the world in a different way.
4. We become more self-aware and attractive to others.

Start with one question. “Who am I being in this moment / in this interaction, right now and what is the impact on the present?”

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